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Thank you!

Thank you all for the support we have received since launching our Ellis Ann Cosby Foundation website. The emails, texts, facebook likes and shares, comments, and personal stories is what keeps us going. We strive to help promote children's cardiomyopathy awareness while sharing our personal story of Ellis Ann Cosby in hopes it will support other parents, families, and friends around the world. We want this blog to be an open conversation outlet for anyone and everyone who wants to share stories of hope, insight, or grief. Again, thank you all so much and we at EAC feel the hugs you guys are sending. Follow us on facebook ("The Ellis Ann Cosby Foundation" or click the facebook link on our website) to stay up-to-date with new events and blog posts.

Megan and David Cosby

#childrenscardiomyopathy #ellisanncosby #eacfoundation

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