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EAC Car Decals

We are excited to collaborate with a local small business owner for our EAC car decals. Each decal is $5.00 and the proceeds will be used towards the Ellis Ann Cosby Foundation/Smile Boxes. To place an order, please email with the following information: 1. Number of decals you wish to purchase 2. Specify which type of decal (gray circle, pink circle, or balloon)

3. Mailing address / where you want the decals shipped 4. Form of payment: a. PayPal customers-once you have received a confirmation email from EAC, you may go ahead with your purchase. Please send your total to my PayPal account If you do not know how to do this, I can request the money to your PayPal. b. Cash or check customers-we will provide you with our mailing address in a confirmation email.

*Currently we have a limited number of decals so orders will be shipped based on when we receive your email. Once we sell out, our EAC Facebook page will be updated to let you all know. Thank you for supporting us! #ellisannfoundation #childrenscardiomyopathy

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