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Smile Boxes

For the past two months, we have been working on creating Smile Boxes in honor of Ellis Ann to give out to other grieving parents. My purpose of making the care packages is to give parents information on grief support while hopefully bringing even a temporary smile to their faces. We started out with ten boxes and we plan to make and deliver many more to local hospitals with the proceeds from our EAC car decals. Harper and I were proud to pass out our first ones today to Flowers Hospital and Southeast Medical Center in Dothan, AL.

Harper packing the Smile Boxes with her little sister's story.

Journals donated to us from Christian Art Gifts.

Harper really wanted to keep the journals for herself :)

Adorable paintings for the frames made by my talented sister-in-law.

The "Ellis Ann" cross made by my friend, Kelly, was put into each memory box.

Harper putting the final touches on the Smile Boxes.

Ready for delivery!

Proud big sister!

Such a bittersweet day as we remember our sweet Ellis Ann and try to help other parents who are mourning the loss of a child.

Thank you to everyone who has called, texted, sent cards, and bought one of our EAC car decals. We appreciate all the support in helping us to help others. For more updates, follow us on our The Ellis Ann Cosby Foundation Facebook page