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Announcing and Introducing Harper and Ellis Ann's younger sister, Mae.

We knew we would eventually find the courage and hope to grow our family again after Ellis died. As a family, we went through lots of genetic testing and heart tests. Everything looked to be normal and healthy. So we prayed. We found out on October 30, 2017-the last day we saw Ellis to the day, a year earlier- that we would be expecting again. This is also Harper's birthday! It was such an emotional day. We were excited about this new life growing in me, excited to celebrate big sister Harper's birthday, but also knowing the days ahead would be difficult as it was a year we had lost Ellis. I knew I needed Jesus everyday, all day. And thankfully, he never left us and never will. So at 20 weeks, we decided to announce we would be having another girl joining us in July. This new life was poked, prodded, and photographed from the very beginning. She was probably the most photographed baby of all times! She looked and seemed perfectly healthy. Although, we know that doesn't mean things can't quickly change. We eventually needed to decide on a name for this sweet girl. We decided on Mae Wells Cosby. The meaning behind Mae is this: my great-grandmother's middle name was Mae, David had an aunt named Mae, and the month of May was when Ellis was born. So it was a perfect fit for us!

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